Ulcinj is the most southern town on Montenegrin coast and for many reasons it is charring an epithet “particular”. This town is well known from ancient times because in that area innumerable times were changed many cultures and nations, and all of them had left behind indelible marks in this old town, stamps which can be seen and fell even today.

UlcinjOn nowadays Ulcinj’s territory were lived ancient Illyrians who had left their traces in the close vicinity of Zoganje’s lake, until the Colhidians were an nation which had founded this town in 5-th century B.C. and named it such as Cholhidium. Golden era had begun around 163 years B.C. when Ulcinj, named in that time as Colchinium, (from ancient Illyrian tribe named Olciniatas) Roman had taken it on under their authority and gave it a new name, Olcinium. During their government Ulcinj got a special status, such as a “town with unusual privileges” (“Pida civium romanorum”), and after this and status of “independence” (“Municipia”).

Except for the well known Ulcinj’s pirates, ramparts of Ulcinj’s Old town represented an shelter and periodical residence of many famous and historical persons, beginning with Byzantium emperor Justinian who restored and again enthroned town after numerous and difficult wars, until the Nemanjici’s, Balsic’s and Turks who renovated and expanded the town.

Mongolian also have reached to Ulcinj, but they couldn’t conquer the town so they destroyed neighboring town Svac, located on Lake of Sas, (town which was famous because it had 365 churches). Probably one of the most famous persons who had lived in Ulcinj was Sabatei Cevi, self-proclaimed messiah and reformer of Talmud, born in Smirna and died in Ulcinj on 30th September 1676 under the name of Mehmed Effendija.

UlcinjAnyway, today Ulcinj is famous as a tourist destination which offers to all visitors unique offers in two shapes: as passive and active tourism. Even if You want to dim of on one of Ulcinj’s beaches, dance animatedly in one of numerous beach bars, or to walk on footpath through the pine wood, or if You want to go in for some water sport such as Surf & Kite, Ulcinj is the town who can offer You all this activities. Ulcinj is town with more than 270 sunny days, so You can visit it and out of summer season.

Ulcinj is town with numerous beaches spread on coast more than 25 km long. Many beaches are made of stone, but Ulcinj is from afar well-known because of two sandy beaches, Small beach and Long beach. Small beach is located in the center of the town, long around 400m. Long beach is named by many tourists as “Mediterranean Copacabana” which is winning over all people with its dimension. It is long around 12 km, and configured of fine sand. Long beach is spread from cape Djerane to the mouth of the river Bojana. Sand of the Long beach is a salutary remedy and it’s excellent for rheumatic treatments. The Long beach is not the only beach with healthy features. Women beach, an small inlet, located in approximate vicinity of the downtown for many years is well known as beach with salutary remedies and natural medicine for female illness, and strolling through the pine wood to all asthmatic patients’ nature gives a help. Valdanos is of the places which You must visit during your staying at Ulcinj. This inlet is located between famous Ulcinj’s olive groves and it admires with peace and silence. Certainly it would be unfair if we don’t mention river

Bojana and island Ada on its mouth, which characterized with an particular atmosphere so difficult to describe and You must just experience. Ada is famous nudist settlement but many Ulcinj’s visitors choose this river and closeness of Ada for the vacancy because of its specific atmosphere which separates You with other parts of the world.

You will know well Ulcinj and Ulcinj’s people only during your sojourn in it, so You will understand the statement “who comes once in Ulcinj, he will return again”. Ulcinj is the town full with various cultures and contents, town in which You can spend a really good time, relax yourself, experienced and note many things.

UlcinjBeside of the very rich and long history very variety of cultural and historical monuments, Ulcinj has also very much to offer in entertaining. Ulcinj local authorities as well as it’s citizens by them self or with other organizations, made their effort to organize as much as events possible in order that the guests of this marvelous city to know more about the culture and tradition, as well as natural beauties, through different kinds of events.
Energetic and always smiling, the citizens of Ulcinj are always looking for a way to share with all people their funny spirit, wit and hospitality.
Calendar of events in Ulcinj is full of manifestations and events, during the whole year, so the guests will not be bored. Everyone is invited to be a guest of our town and our manifestations. Over 17 km of beaches with so many facilities and entertainment programs, making from every Your minute filled with activities and different services.
Aside from just resting and enjoying the sound of the waves lapping onto the beach, there are an endless amount of possibilities to fill each day with excitement. We are going to suggest to You some of activities which You can use during Your stay in Ulcinj:


UlcinjThis entertaining program could be very interesting one, especially for those one who are looking for a little more extravagance and a higher level. Was it driving jet ski on the open sea on beautiful waves and enjoying on additional adrenaline on Your blood. Take a roud around Ulcinj on this sea motor and in a high speed look the beauties of Montenegrin caost.

UlcinjAs it is now wide known, Ulcinj had a the third ship fleet in Adriatic Sea and many battles where held on the area of Ulcinj, and many ships are still on the bottom of the sea. But this a case for some scuba divers who already have experience on diving or maybe even they are professional divers. For those who want to enjoy on beauties of Ulcinj underwater with licensed divers of diving club of Ulcinj can start an entertaining day under the water, and this will be an experience You will not forget so soon. The diving season begins a little earlier than swimming season, so diving usually start in April and ends on October.

UlcinjIn the 8th kilometer of Long beach is situated the kite surfing school. An great experience of skiing on the waves while You are connected to the kite high on the air. For all of them who love this sport or are looking form something more extreme and more strength needed. the area of Ulcinj and especially near the river Bojana where wind has optimal strength.

Want to see entire sea coast of Ulcinj from air? You want to have a close look ate river Bojana, island Bojana, Lake of Sas, Old Town of Ulcinj, whole 12 km of Long Beach or Bay of Valdanos, everything of that from the air, but still clos enough for less than one hour? This is possible with motor paragliding, and new service which now is able for all the guests who are not afraid of height? Because of big interest of the guests, the reservation of this sport is possible only with reservation. Our agency “In Montenegro Travel” will book for You this service and You will be able to fly above Ulcinj and wonder of it’s beauties.
Ulcinj is a very attractive tourist destination for everyone, but mostly is the favorite for families. Ulcinj with it’s sandy beaches and security which it provides (like no city in the world)is an ideal destination for families with small children. A destination with it’s beach which are very good for children for playing and swimming, since the sea is not deep already from the beginning from the coast, and that makes the parents of the children to be more relaxed, because their children are allays at their sight. Every private beach, especially in Long Beach area have large facilities and playgrounds for children. Large and small playgrounds can be found up and down the beach. Each of these has been carefully designed to be safe and yet, exciting for your children. There are even water slides and small pools which offer your children an exciting and safe alternative to the salty sea.

For those sports enthusiasts looking for more to do after a day on the beach, there are as well other opportunities to enjoy team sports as football, basketball and volleyball. Also offered are tennis courts and handball. Whatever your interest, we are sure that you can find it here in Ulcinj!
To visit and do all of what Ulcinj offers, You should have a lot of energy. But still, if You haven’t had enough of entertainment and fun during the day than You can compensate it with night life. When sun falls, streets of Ulcinj are full with tourists walking, cafe bars are full with people chatting and having a nice time, restaurants full with people eating, and disco’s and night clubs, full with people dancing and enjoying on beautiful time. But what they all have in common? They are all happy, both, to have chosen Ulcinj as their destination and being happy for that.
If you are looking for an different kind of entertainment, a little more quite and relaxed atmosphere than we would like to suggest to You to visit Old Town of Ulcinj and and choose one of many very qualitative restaurants. If You are o lover of theater, than in months of July and August we would suggest to You the SUmmer Open scene of Ulcinj, held in the open air area in Museum complex of Ulcinj. And why not on top of a perfect night with a perfect dessert while enjoying the beauty of the summer sky filled with shimmering stars. It will be a perfect way to end a wonderful day here in Ulci

UlcinjEven though the towns on the Montenegrin coast are recognizable by the multitude of happenings and manifestations that serve to entertain guests, and supplement the summer tourist offer, in Ulcinj such manifestations are fewer than in other towns in the South of Montenegro.

Now an traditional event held in Ulcinj, where guests of Ulcinj apart from natural beauties can enjoy as well on women and girl beauties, exctly on the beach of Copacabana here in Ulcinj. Miss Copacabana beach Miss elections are a true great event held at the end of the month of May, when tourist season beggins and it unofficaly represents the begining of tourist season. Many beautiful girls from all over the world take part at this very entertaining manifestation and the girl who winns this award apart from prizes she recieves takes also the title of the most beautiful girl of all Ulcinj beaches.

Is a manifestation of culturally –amusement character. This manifestation is probably the most visited one during the summer here in Ulcinj. With tradition of over 20 years this manifestation every year attract larger and larger number of visitors. It is held in Ulcinj’s Old town, in the area of Museum Complex

UlcinjThis an classical night of great atmosphere, music, drink food and friendship. Ulcinj’s night is held as a symbolical night on honor of Ulcinj’s sailors, in the meaner and same ritual as they celebrating when they have came back home from a long sailing. During this night, music plays during the whole night until the early morning hours.

Traditional event also held on honor of Ulcinj’s sailors and the day when they went for sailing, which was usually the first Saturday in April. Many local citizens and guests and friends of city of Ulcinj as well of course together with the notes of traditional music, wine, beer and fish celebrate until the late hours this important night which influenced very much on history of Ulcinj making.
Also, it should be pointed out that in Ulcinj in numerous cafes, restaurants, bars… during the summer multitude of parties and stage – parties being organized, about which you can inform yourself immediately during your staying in Ulcinj. About organizing suitable fun evenings, the owners of the Ulcinj cafes, restaurants or bars, guests are usually informed by flyers that are being distributed on the streets or beaches of Ulcinj.
In Ulcinj there is no bullfight, but in the pirate nest, the old town fortress, an ancient custom in the little arena has been preserved. High above the sea among old bulwark, in the days of certain religious holidays, ram fights are being held and they are always cheered by couple of thousands of funs

UlcinjMontenegro southest city, city of Ulcinj is the most important beach resort in Montenegro. As a city mostly known by it’s beautiful and natural beauties, and especially it’s beaches. Ulcinj disposes with 51 % of all Montenegro beaches. Ulcinj sea coast line is 32.70 km, from which beaches are 18.10 km. From this length 14.40 km are pure sandy beaches with beautiful gray sand. The most beautiful beaches are exactly sandy beaches. The longest beach in Ulcinj, as well in Montenegro is Ulcinj’s Long Beach, or as it is localy called “Velika Plaza”, “Plazhi i madh” which is over 12 km long. Ulcinj has three sandy beaches. The other two sandy beaches are Ada Bojana island beach and Small Town Beach, or locally “Mala Plaza” – “Plazhi i vogel”.
Apart from those beaches Ulcinj disposes with other, not less beautiful beaches are the beaches in the area of pine wood called Pinjes, such as Sapore di Mare, Don Paky beach, Arragosta beach, Jadran beach, as well as the beaches Liman I and Liman II behind the 2.2 Millenium Old Town of Ulcinj. From Old Town of Ulcinj, direction Valdanos Bay and beach Valdanos, are many other small beaches and small valleys, yet untouched and possible to visit only by boat.

UlcinjThe most beautiful beach in Ulcinj, and true pearl of mother nature. Located in a distance of 5 km away from city center, and surface of 600.000 m2 is able to host by 4 m2 per person standard, an number of 150.000 guests. Since it’s length is so big, in the area of Long Beach are many beautiful private rented beaches, equipped very beautiful and providing very large number of facilities, making possible for the guests to have an beautiful time at the beach. It is important to mention that beaches in Ulcinj and it’s owners are the winners of many awards for the best beaches in Montenegro. Ulcinj as a city is the city with most awards for the best beaches in Montenegro, almost every year. To be honest it is a bigger surprize when Ulcinj does not winn award than actually when winn, beacuse those awards are almost granted and secured for Ulcinj.
Beaches worthy mentioning as the best beaches in Ulcinj, in the area of Long Beach, and which we would suggest to You, are

VALDANOS bay beach, an beautiful untouched beach, 800 m long, located in 4 km distance of the Ulcinj center in north-west coastal area of Ulcinj’s coast.
LIMAN I – 100 m
LIMAN II – 100 m
OPALJIKE – 100 m
LAMA BEACH – 100 m
Must Visit

Ulcinj impounds with many natural and other beauties and attractions, which if You would try to visit them all, would need much more than Your holiday lasts. We, guided with our subjective decisions, would like to suggest to You the following palces in Ulcinj, which by our opinin You should visit:

UlcinjLocated in the peninsula with the walls high up to 60 meters above the sea level, the Old town of Ulcinj represents a must visit attraction for everyone who comes to Mntenegro. The Old Town of Ulcinj is one of the Oldest fortresses in whole Adtiatic Sea with an history over 2.500 years old. Old Town of Ulcinj keeps traces of oldest civilizations who lived in this area. Ilyrians, Romans, Greeks, and Turks are amoung the many civilizations who during the centuries leaved many traces of their period in fortress. Nowdays Old Town of Ulcinj represents a centre of cultural and historical tourism of Ulcinj. Apart from rich cultural and historical monuments, here are placed some of the best restaurants and hotels in the Montenegro’s southest city. Small streets still breath with the air of an old and charming period of local citizens who didnt change their habits and connection with Sea for centuries passing The Old Town of Ulcinj represents one of the oldest ones in the whole Adriatic sea coast. Ulcinj’s Old Town is more than 2.500 years old, and also represents one of the most authentic ones in Montenegro. Placed between the high walls of the fortress, high up to 60 meters above the sea and its position on the peninsula, the Old town of Ulcinj makes a great impression. Many conquerios tried to conquare Ulcinj, and many civilizations during the history leaved many traces of their period, which made from Ulcinj a real mix of many civilizations tresure, like: Ilyrians, Greeks, Romans, Slavs, and in the end Turks. Ulcinj was a host of many famouse and great people of their time and the legends of history. It is worth to be mentioned that during the time of Ulcinj golden period, when Ulcinj’s pirates where ruling on the waters of Adriatic and Mediterranean sea, and when Ulcinj’s float was the third largest in Adriatic, was kept as a slave and famouse spanish and one of the world greatest writers Miguel de Cervantes. The book Don Kihot, by the legend was written based on inspiration and experience which Cervantes had during his time at the prison in Ulcinj, or as in that time Ulcinj was called “Dulcino”. the main peronality of the book “Don Kihot” was a girl named “Dulcinea”, which in free translation would mean girl from Dulcino – Ulcinj. Miguel de Cervantes was sold back to his family after five years in prison. Sabbatai Zevi Is also another world wide known person, especialy in the Jewish nation. A well known Talmud reformator (Talmut – Jewish Holly Book). He was born in Izmir (Turkey) and after he found realy hard to live there he came to Ulcin. Since Ulcinj during that time was under the rule of Ottoman perandory, he came i Ulcinj cvered under the name of Mehmet Pasha Efendija, and he died with that name. Long time was not known about his real name untill the hulumtations of scientists and collecting the facts. Now Sabbatai Zevi is Ulcinj prou citizens in the eternety of his life. Now days Ulcinj’s Old town is a great attraction of many tourists who come to visit Montenegro, and it’s southest city, city of Ulcinj. this Old town is in the proces of joining in UNESCO the list of world historical and cultural hertiage of the great vallue.

Before the entrance in the Old town there is a burial chamber, which is a specific mark of the period of Otoman`s Empire reign.
According to a legend, the burial chamber testifies about the duel of two brothers or friends, for the love of a woman. According to that story, two men have fought to death so that the winner in that duel would win the love of the beloved woman. Unable to make a decision, and not even capable of watching their fight to death, according to the legend, the young woman jumped from the house and put an end to her life. Still, the duel of the young men who at that time were highly respected in former Ulcinj was continued. One of them died in the fight, and the other not longer after the first died too. The burial chamber – on the place of their fight, represents a sanctity, which – according to the folk belief radiates and heals.
Numerous people from Ulcinj and also tourists that pass through the Old town, which even today has bars with which the burial chamber is fenced, throw in a coin for the luck.
Ulcinj`s Old town despite of the numerous damages on the South side and of low quality communal infrastructure, remains a I category monument and a candidate for the protection of UNESCO.

UlcinjOLD ULCINJ About this area aurround many legends and stories. This area of Ulcinj for sure should be visited by diving ( the only possible way) since after the catastrofical earthquake sank under the water surface. Old Ulcinj is Ulcinj’s and Montenegro’s Atlantida.

UlcinjThe southest area of Montenegro and Municipality of Ulcinj. When a boat of Anton Allegretti from Trogir sank in the area of todaly island of Ada Bojana, no one didn’t even think that 130 years lates that area will become the most famous nudsistic settlement in Europe and “Paradise on Earth” as it is called, the island of Ada Bojana. Island Ada Bojana is surrounded in two sides with Montenegro’s richest with water river Bojana and on one side with pure and clear Adriatic Sea. The beach of Ada Bojana is second largest beach in Ulcinj. It is an sandy beach and is used complitly from the guests of Nudistic settlemen Ada Bojana and real lovers of nature and direct touch and contact between them and Mother nature. On the west shores of island Ada Bojana and on the banks of the River Bojana there are countless fish restaurant which at every moment are ready to serve to their guests fresh local fish.

Dead city Sas and the lake with the same name near it keep many secrets under the water and it’s ruins. Sas represented an very powerful Madiaval city which by the legend had 365 churches (as day in year) and during it’s history it was destroyed two time. First time by the Mongolian army, after what it managed to raise again, but after the second time by the Turks this historical city was unable to raise it’s walls ever again. During recent years from some scientists, it appeared the theory that the Troyan Battle hapened in this area. Is this true or not, time will tell. The Sas Lake after the Scutari Lake which is the richest Lake with bird species in Europe (around 265 registered bird species, from over 500 which can be found in Europe), Sas Lake has 223 bird species registered and represents the second richest Lake with bird species in Montenegro.

It represents an old Bay of Ulcinj’s sailors who after the long and exhausted trips and sailing around the oceans came back with their food, drink or money from the selling of the local products like: wine, olives, olive oil and fish. During the communist regime the bay of Valdanos and the land behind it, with more than 60.000 olive trees was tooken from it’s owners (bought for very low prices with repretion) and from that area made an military centre of former Yugoslav National Army (JNA). This bay is an real pearl not only of Ulcinj and Montenegro, but also of Europe. Naturaly wellness spa of fresh air with many under water mineral springs and curative mud make from this area an must visit attraction. Apart from those attractions Valdanos is also wellknown by its beach, especialy from domicile citizens, but with time, even the tourists discovered this place and now tey are visiting this area every years more and more.
Any way we wish that your one-day or several days of rest in the Cove Valdanos becomes an experience which you’ll gladly remember