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Ada Bojana picnic
Ada Bojana picnicAda Bojana (Island Bojana) is an island in the Ulcinj Municipality in Montenegro.The name Ada means island in Turkish language.
The island is created by river delta of Bojana River. The legend says it was formed by gathering river sand around a ship sunk at the mouth of Bojana river, but it is more likely to be a delta in formation. It is located on the southernmost tip of Montenegro, with only the Bojana river separating it from Pulaj and Velipoje in the Albanian territory.
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AlbaniaShkoder, Albania is a city situated on the Lake Shkodër at the northwest Albania in the District of Shkodër. Shkoder is considered to be the capital of the district. This town regarded as one of the oldest and most historic towns of Albania and a significant cultural and economic hub. Shkoder comes with a population of more than 110,000.
The culture of Shkoder, Albania is outstanding. Shkodër is the main educational and industrial hub of the country.
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Montenegro Boka bay cruising
BokaAllday excursion to the southern most fjord of Europe and the opportunity to see the unique natural beauty of this bay and to get to know it’s history, culture and architecture.
We start at 7.30 from Ulcinj, in front of hotel, driving through Bar, Petrovac, Budva, Sveti Stefan, till Tivat port.
This excursion includes panoramic drive by road to the bay and by boat across the bay.
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CanyosThis is a trip that includes the most interesting areas of the northern part of Montenegro.
Starting from Ulcinj, 7.00 am. Driving thru, Bar, tunel sozinal, Podgorica,
First break was at the Monastery Moraca one of the most monumental Orthodox medieval monuments of Montenegro, was erected on the right bank of the river Moraca. Followed by a ride to Biograd lake, which is situated in the heart of the rainforest…
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Croatia – Dubrovnik
DubrovnikEnjoy in promenading the town with thousands of monuments. You’ll meet the town that revals as unique musum in the open. Many described Dubrovnik, G Bernard show said: “Let them who look for paradise, come to Dubrovnik” and you’’ll make shure that everything what is said about Dubrovnik one special experience-experience wich can not be described – experience you must see by your self. Departing from Ulcinj is at 07:30 hours with a guide through Tivat…
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Fisch picnic
Fisch picnicGet out of your hotel room,get in to the boat and sail! Sail!
Only for those who like to change their everyday life. Start after the breakfast from the hotel. At 9.00 h.
Panoramic boat sailing along 30 km Ulcinjska Riviera, long beach, sightseeing Old city and the small beach, Valdanos olive Bay, Stari Ulcinj, -swimming in a hidden coves, most beautiful beaches, and in the end visting river Bojana, and insl ADA
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Monastery Ostrog
ManastirLess than two hours from the sea, high in the rocky mountain range, often obscured by clouds and mist, lies Ostrog Monastery – the most famous pilgrim place in Montenegro. It was built in the 17 century by metropolitan Vasilije from Herzegovina, who lies buried in the Monastery and has been proclaimed a Saint miracle worker. Ostrog Monastery is the place where people belonging to different faiths (Orthodox, Catholic, Muslim…) come.
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Montenegro tour
MontenegroCetinje is the historical and current capital of Montenegro. Departing from Ulcinj, accompanied by guide is at 08:00. Upon arrival in Cetinje tour follows the palace of King Nikola, which is located on the castle square. Museum possesses a few tens of thousands of exhibits arranged in the archaeological, ethnographic and artistic collections. It contains the royal library with 10,000 rare titles. Then we visit the Mausoleum which is located in one of the highest peaks Lovcen.
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raftingThe most famous tour in Montenegro is for sure : TARA RAFTING. This amazing river with second deepest canyon in the world, offer unforgetable experience. The most famous tour in Montenegro is for sure : TARA RAFTING. This amazing river with second deepest canyon in the world, offer unforgetable experience. Depend of time, rafting can be very extreme (From Aprile to June), but from July to October Tara rafting is very pleasent, but still with lot of adrenaline.
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Skadar LAke
Skadar LakeTrip vivid and in many ways unique, with a departure in the morning after the meeting guests with a guide among at 09:00 am
Driving through sity Bar, and tunel sozina we com at Virpazar. Visit the last habitat of pelicans and the largest bird reservation in Europe. Experience one of the last sweet water swamps along the Mediterranean, the biggest lake in the Balkans, this tour will show you one of the greatest natural and historical attractions in Montenegro!
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